I Write Letters to Killers and Notorious Criminals

“Phillip Jablonski sent me the most brutal, disgusting, 30 pages of the most inhumane statements you could imagine”

Simon Doherty
5 min readFeb 8, 2021
Phillip Jablonski (via California Department of Corrections)

Mike Scott is a YouTuber who is into killers, the more gruesome the crime the better. His fascination has led him to spending the past year corresponding with some of the most notorious criminals on the planet; from Stephen Port (“The Grindr Killer”) to (“Britain’s Most Violent Prisoner”) Charles Bronson to lockdown superstar Joe Exotic and a bunch more.

During the course of this activity — about 50 letters in total, all documented on his channel Bizarre Bazaar — he’s been approached by CSI Atlanta to help snare death row inmate Loran Cole for allegedly murdering his sister, received death threats from “fans” of serial killer Dennis Rader and found himself embroiled in arguments with death row inmates. He’s also interviewed a man who once took shrooms with double child murderer Ian Huntley.

I had some questions.

When did you first come up with the idea of contacting notorious criminals?

Bizarre Bazaar: I got into serial killer interviews, you got a real sense of their human side and who they actually were. But I realised that there were only about four or five of…